The new Aladdin MOSAIC-PIXEL Light, the result of years of customer feedback, engineering, and perfecting a flexible LED panel, features 196 individual pixels. This innovative design enhances the versatility and control for lighting professionals, offering precise and customizable illumination.

Mosaic Pixel Features



Our Aladdin MOSAIC-PIXEL Light, with its cutting-edge pixelized effect, is the ideal lighting solution for virtual production environments.

The innovative foldable design, creates endless mounting options for the Aladdin MOSAIC PIXEL

Our Aladdin MOSAIC-PIXEL Light not only delivers outstanding pixelized effects but also comes equipped with our all-new Pixel Dimmer for seamless intensity control. This panel features state-of-the-art connectivity options including Bluetooth, Lumenradio, wired DMX, and Art-Net, ensuring full integration with existing setups. With a CRI and TLCI rating over 95, it promises perfect color rendering. Additionally, the panel is designed to be fully compatible with existing Mosaic accessories, offering versatility and ease of use in professional lighting environments.

For the MOSAIC PIXEL we are introducing the fast changable LED compounds. They allow to replace small LED parts on your panel, without replacing the whole panel. You can either let it get fixed by one of our certified dealers or if you need a faster replacement and have the technical skill to do so, you can do it by yourself. We are providing a step by step tutorial video on how to change the LED compounds at home.

Mosaic Pixel



These lights are made for high-end film and photography productions. All MOSAIC-LITES are RGB panels, have a CRI and TLCI over 95 and offer bluetooth connection to adjust them with the free Aladdin app right from your phone.


Specifications Mosaic PIXEL 4x4

Light Source 600W Daylight | 600W Tungsten | 420W RGB
CRI CRI 95 / TLCI 95
Color Temperature 2200°K – 12000°K
Pixels 196 individual pixels
Beam Angle 140°
Dimension (Panel only) 110×110 cm | folded 40x50cm | 4kg
Dimension Frame 115x116x17cm | 4.5kg
Full Kit in Case 45x136x19cm | 20.5kg
Input AC/DC 100-240V / 48V
DMX DMX / LumenRadio / Bluetooth / Artnet
Dimming 1-100%


Mosaic Pixel Photometrics

Mosaic Pixel Kit


Part No.: M-4X4-PIXEL-KIT


1x MOSAIC 600W Power Supply
1x MOSAIC Power Supply Holder for M-600-ACDC
1x Power supply extension cable(2m/6ft)
1x MOSAIC Basic Cable (3m / 9.8ft)
1x MOSAIC Wired dimmer Cable (3m / 9.8ft)
1x MOSAIC 4X4 Frame
1x MOSAIC 4X4 Diffusor for Frame
1x MOSAIC 4X4 Grid for Frame
1x MOSAIC Hard Case
1x MOSAIC Pixel Wired Dimmer
2x Inner Bag Smal
16x Aladdin Cube ( Bungee Ball )
1x Stand adapter
1x Stand adapter knob


M-4X4-PIXEL-KIT • 6.693,00 €



All prices on this website reflect German list prices in Euro, excluding value added tax. All these prices are “ex warehouse Munich”. Valid for sales in Germany and Austria only. All specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notification.

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